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Potty Time Visit  $20.00 per visit 

This visit can last up to 30 minutes and is great for critters that need time during the day: to get out for a walk, have some play time, receive their medication, have a snack or get a meal, or just get some TLC while mom and dad are gone. Mail pick up, Trash take out, rotating lights on and off, accident clean up, plant watering are some of the other things we do while we are there.

Doggie Daycare  $25.00 per visit  

Handy Manny the Dog Nanny LLC offers an alternative to leaving your dog home alone all day while you are at work. Doggie Daycare (7:00am to 7:00pm M-F) is a wonderful way for your dog to socialize with other dogs, get plenty of exercise and just have some fun while you’re away.  Remember this is a free play environment that allows free access to the outdoors all day.

Slumber Party  $40.00 per night.  (no drop offs after 2pm)

This is where your dog(s) spend the night and is treated like a member of the family. All you will need to provide is food and any medication.


Pick up and drop off is available for an additional charge. (See Mobile Manny)


Sleep Over  $100.00 per night  (6pm - 6am) or In Home Daycare  $150.00 per day (8am - 5 pm)

Handy Manny the Dog Nanny LLC will stay overnight or during the day with your critter(s) in your home, keeping their life as normal as possible while your away. This experience offers the most freedom for folks with multiple critter homes or for pets that require assisted care or have trouble being in a place that is not their home or around other critters they don’t know.


Mobile Manny $25.00 Minimum 

This service is for getting your critter to and from locations they need to be in your absence.

(i.e. vet, daycare, groomer, slumber parties or back home)

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